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Health Care Sterilization Packaging

Central Sterile Supply Departments – CSSD – play a critical role in delivering sterile supplies for any health care facility. This is accomplished by having superior sterile barrier systems – SBS – that allow CSSD to ensure their facilities are delivering sterile supplies to the patient.

Wipak has a wide range of the highest performing sterile barrier systems that are used by CSSD for re-usable medical devices. The materials used for packaging are developed together with our customers and end-users. This allows Wipak SBS to be considered one of the world’s best sterile barrier for medical device packaging.


Central Sterile Supply Departments – CSSDs – reprocess multi-use instruments, devices, and supplies within clinical institutions. For these departments Wipak has developed the Steriking® product line. Steriking® products are made from various materials suitable for steam, EO, FO, or plasma sterilization.

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