Why Wipak has different lot codes on the Steriking® pouch or reel and on the label?
Every Steriking® product bears the manufacturing code enabling raw materials and production history to be traced. Customer and shipping details are recorded upon delivery in the ERP data file.

Into the pouches and reels is imprinted a short lot code, year and month (YYMM), which indicates when the material has been printed. With this code the product can be traced even though the label would be missing.

The manufacturing date and short lot code of product is printed on the carton label together with the batch number, which is our internal tracking code that is created by our ERP system for identifying materials, machines etc. used for production of the one LOT. The batch number is also shown on the delivery note.

The YYMM code and the batch number mentioned on the label and delivery note are registered into our ERP system so that we are able to trace the production date and details with any of these numbers.

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