STERIKING EVENTS now! 18.04.2024
Exciting new products to showcase at the WFHSS 2023. (18-21.10.2023) 19.10.2023
Presenting our new groundbreaking product Steriking® Reinforced Rolls! 3.10.2023
Chinese Nursing Association “The 19th CSSD Development Forum in Suzhou, 11.-13. October, 2023. 20.09.2023
We have exciting new products to showcase at the WFHSS 2023. (18-21.10.2023) 19.09.2023
Wir freuen uns auf Sie! Der 26. Jahreskongress der DGSV 04.-06. Oktober 2023 19.09.2023
Wipak is looking for new distributors for Steriking® branded products in Latin America. 4.04.2023
Meet us at WFHSS 2022, Barcelona! 14.11.2022
Steriking team at Compamed 14-17 November 10.11.2022
New Cardboard Dispensers for Steriking Pouches 9.11.2022
Webinar on Steriking Pouches for Robotic Instruments 22.06.2022
Steriking – How to pack videos now available 1.06.2022
Webinar on Steriking® Pouches for Robotic Instruments 12.04.2022
Choosing the correct pack 11.04.2022
Find the hidden Steriking Wiki 1.02.2022
Season’s Greetings 22.12.2021
WFHSS – World #Sterilization Congress in Geneva 10.11.2021
Visit us at CMEF 8.10.2021
How can we minimize the environmental impacts of sterilization packaging? 4.10.2021
Wrapping sheets for packing sets of various items 23.08.2021
Change in the Steriking Product Management 15.06.2021
Steriking® Roll holders are convenient for use 7.06.2021
Find Wiki in the main photos of the Steriking® calendar. 25.03.2021
Steriking® pouches and reels use special medical grade papers which are carefully selected and tested by our R&D 25.03.2021
Did you know…? Steriking® See-Through Rolls 9.09.2020
Wiki in a hospital, a new Steriking® Photo Contest 1.07.2020
Steriking® – now also on Linkedin and Instagram 24.03.2020
Did you know..? Steriking® Cover Bags 13.12.2018
Did you know..? Steriking® Accessory Products 21.11.2018
New Service to Assist Healthcare Facilities in their Sealing Process Validation 7.11.2018
Did you know..? Steriking® Chemical Indicators and Tapes 12.10.2018
Did you know..? Steriking® Tray Liners 27.09.2018
Did you know..? Steriking® ProWrap SMX 15.08.2018
Did you know..? Steriking® Wrapping Sheets 16.07.2018
Did you know..? Steriking® Smart Dye Tests 15.06.2018
Did you know..? Steriking® Roll Holders 14.05.2018
Did you know..? Steriking® LT-Blueline Pouches and Rolls 13.04.2018
Did you know..? Steriking® Seal Validation Service 19.03.2018
Did you know..? Steriking® Sealing Device range 28.02.2018
Did you know..? Steriking® See-Through Pouches and Rolls 22.02.2018
Steriking® Smart Dye Tests 17.01.2018
Season’s Greetings 22.12.2017
‘Tis the Season to Celebrate 5.12.2017
Great Exhibition at Compamed! 16.11.2017
Steriking at Compamed 13-16.11 10.11.2017
Steriking’s own website released! 17.10.2017
Looking For a New Sealing Machine? Check out the RS 300! 16.10.2017
Easy-to-use tests for the seal integrity of Sterilization Packaging – Steriking Smart Dye Tests 16.10.2017