Did you know…? Steriking® See-Through Rolls

Steriking® See-Through Rolls are made for packing individual items, smaller sets, and some heavier and larger items, as well as instrument and laundry sets for sterilization.

They comply with international norms and standards, allowing for a visual check of seal integrity and a clean peel for aseptic presentation. The seals are extra strong to avoid bursting during autoclaving.

Steriking® See-Through Rolls are customised for easy handling with an extra-safe and reliable print design, catering for manufacturing traceability in each pack.

They come with process indicators to allow users to distinguish between processed and unprocessed products, with exclusive materials that enhance mechanical strength and create an effective barrier against bacteria. Our wide range of sizes caters for double packing and ensures that each item is packaged in the best possible way.