Wrapping Sheets

To pack instrument and laundry sets or other larger items

  • For use as an inner or outer wrap and as a sterile field.
  • Facilitates aseptic presentation.
  • Approved porosity and barrier properties.
  • Complies with all international standards.

Special creped paper

  • Creped to give increased flexibility.
  • Made from bleached, virgin wood pulp, wet strengthened.
  • Available in green.

Nonwoven sheets with superior softness and toughness

  • High tear resistance ensures safe handling of heavier items.
  • Economical inner packing for containers.
  • Good drapeability eliminates springback of sheets.
  • Water resistance minimises risk of liquid-borne contamination.

Tray liners

  • For use with surgical instrument trays to provide extra protection
  • Absorbs excessive condensation during autoclaving

We Care That You Pack Safely

Our premium Steriking® wrapping solutions provide ultimate performance in comfort, barrier properties and resistance to contamination.

We want to be your partner in preventing infections and improving your performance, while still saving on costs.

Reduce cost with our premium quality wrapping sheets – no more extra cost due to broken packages.

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