Prowrap SMX

High performance medical wrap manufactured for most demanding applications.

  • State-of-the-art technology has resulted in a unique Multilayer SMX concept
  • Combines five spunbonded and meltblown layers (SSMMS) of polypropylene, providing superior toughness yet a light-weight apperance. Convential grammage counting is no longer essential
  • Superior barrier against penetration of micro-organisms thanks to the two embedded short fibered meltblown layers
  • Extremely durable materials with high tear and burst strength
  • Excellent water repellency
  • Optimal softness and drapability for users convenience
  • Suitable for Steam, EO, FO and hydrogen peroxide (gas plasma) sterilization
ArticleWidthLengthGussetPacking Unit
SMX1 075750750200
SMX1 090900900160
SMX1 10010001000160
SMX1 12012001200160
SMX1 120/14012001200104
SMX1 14014001400104
SMX2 075750750200
SMX2 090900900120
SMX2 10010001000120
SMX2 12012001200120
SMX2 120/14012001200104
SMX2 14014001400104
SMX2G 075750750200
SMX2G 090900900120
SMX2G 10010001000120
SMX2G 12012001200120
SMX2G 14014001400104
SMX3 075750750120
SMX3 090900900120
SMX3 10010001000120
SMX3 12012001200104
SMX4 075750750120
SMX4 090900900104
SMX4 10010001000104
SMX4 1201200120080


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