Wipak is looking for new distributors for Steriking® branded products in Latin America.


Wipak is looking for new distributors for Steriking branded products in Latin America.


Steriking® is the best-known sterilization packaging brand in the world. Currently our products are sold in about 100 countries and we are market leaders in multiple countries.

Now, we are strengthening our distributor network in Latin America and look for partners who can grow our business further and introduce our whole portfolio efficiently to the market.

Steriking is in fast growth mode and we offer wide portfolio of products for healthcare customers in hospitals, dental, laboratory and veterinary field. Our portfolio includes sterilization pouches, reels and wrapping for STEAM, EO, FO and VH202 sterilization, tray liners, sterilization tapes, heat sealers, roll holders, indicators and other accessory products that are used in sterilization services.

We look especially for distributors who have strong connections to CSSD-departments and operating theaters in hospitals. We are also very interested in distributors who have strong foothold on consumable healthcare or dental market within their own country.

If you find Steriking and our product offering interesting, please do not hesitate to be in contact. Our Regional Sales Manager, Olivier Lardans and rest of the team are very eager to hear more about you. Please send your inquiries to: steriking@wipak.com and we will be in contact with you within shortly.